Our Chef Tanguy, will give everything for you he has, on a daily basis. Just for you, he will cook some special plates and local delicacies ! You are not just getting regular food, but something that smell fresh and local !

Our 23€ Menu


Tomato Salad

served with basil cream and raw ham

Courgette Clafoutis

served wth goat cheese and mint

Main Dish

Gigolette de Poulet

served with fried potatoes and cooked vegetables

Vegetable curries with Coco Milk

White Fish

served with sweet potatoes mash, honey & fennel

Cheese ou Dessert



Café Gourmand

+ 3€

Nos Formules

Our Menus

Dish of the Day + Café


Dish of the Day + Dessert


Dish of the Day + Café Gourmand


The Kid Menu


– Ravioles with cream or Homemade Steak
– Squash / Cordial
– A scoop of Ice cream or a Push-up stick

Make Your Salad

Green salad, tomatoes & hard-boiled egg


+ 5 ingredients
Extra :
+0,5€ vegetables
+1€ others

Restaurant Menu


Our Gaspacho*


Courgettes Clafoutis*


served with goat cheese and mint

Tomato Salad


served with a basil cream and raw ham

Main Dishes

Our Veggie Composition*


variying depending on our Chef

Vegetable curries with Coco Milk*


Gigolette de Poulet


served with fried potatoes and cooked vegetables

White Fish


served with sweet potatoes mash, honey & fennel

Pièce du Boucher


served with fries or fried potatoes, salad and roquefort/forestiere sauce

Homemade Beef Tartar


100% Local Delicacy

Homemade Défarde


A Crest delicacy made out of cooked tripes


The Chief


Salad, Tomatoes, Onions, Saint Marcellin, Homemade Steak

The Queen


Salad, Tomatoes, Onions, Cheddar, Homemade Steak

The Veggie*



Poached Ravioles*


cream & emmental

Ravioles Gratinées à la Forestière*


gratinated with a mushroom sauce

Ravioles Gratinées au Roquefort*


gratinated with a Roquefort sauce


Your choice


Café Gourmand


We take pride and good care of selecting the best fresh and local products. Crest has a strong and rich cuisine, and our restaurant is commited to cook homemade meals with local products, enhancing our little city economy.

Our Producers

Something important for us, was to participate and being engaged in Crest ecosystem. By choosing, our fresh products, from different local producers, we ensure to minimize our carbon footprint and develop our local economy.

We are not perfect yet though… Only our fries and ravioles are not fresh, but always cooked with love !

Our Chef Tanguy !

or call us (+33) 09 54 90 14 40